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9.75" Gluten Slayer Scrap Handle

9.75" Gluten Slayer Scrap Handle

This blade is made from 1084 steel.  Steel was hardened with an interrupted quench which gave it a hamon line, which gives this bread knife a unique look.  Larger serrations make quick work of bread with a hard shell.  Not much pressure is needed to slice through whatever bread you're slicing.  


The handle is the result of curiosity.  I have years worth of scrap handle material, which is too small to use for much of anything, but I have a hard time letting go of it.  I decided to finally try making use of the scraps, and it yielded a very fun and colorful result.


    Blade Material: 1084

    Overall Length: 15.5"

    Blade Length: 9.75"

    Handle: Stabilized maple burl/quilted maple burl/curly maple burl/resin/G-Carta/G10

    Grind: Flat

    Tang: Hidden

    Special Features: Hamon line

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